Saturday, March 2, 2013

OMG Ebook Week Starts on Smashwords! Can I Get Nenfari Ready?

Ohmigosh! Smashwords announced that Read an Ebook Week starts tomorrow! I've been prepping four books for ebook publication, Nenfari (free), Bad Man (free), Dark Moon Gates and Spellcraft Secrets.

Not a one of them is done yet! Eeek!

Nenfari is mainly waiting for a cover pic before we can face the evil Meatgrinder (the Smashwords tool that converts docs to ebook). Hubby is on it, fortunately. Hopefully he can do something fantastic in the next few hours.

This is suddenly feeling scary and empowering and exciting and very real all at once.

In case you care, Nenfari is a somewhat "different" coming-of-age novella about a young assassin on a planet long, long ago and far, far away. As far as fantasy/sf stories go, it's on the dark side, considering that slavery and child murder are some of the themes.

I wrote this story about 20 years ago and because of its awkward length (too long for a magazine, too short for a novel) it sat in my computer files for all that time. Marion Zimmer Bradley herself rejected it with an amazing and kind personal rejection, saying that she loved it but it was way too long for the Sword and Sorceress series. She suggested I turn it into a full length novel.

Like seriously, and holy s***! MZB herself wrote me back! I was floored! I saved that gorgeous rejection until the fire that burned down our house. Otherwise I'd post it here just for proof. Oh, as I recall it was on teal paper too. Very nifty!

Well, Nenfari is almost ready to go...and what the heck am I doing even wasting time on blogging? And yeah, I took MZB's advice and am making it a full length novel...eventually. Soon maybe, even. It'll be part of the Assassin's Flower series.

Viva la ebook revolucion!

OMG eeek! Enough of a break. Time to get back to formatting.